people build websites

Why do most people build websites?  If they can’t build it themselves, why do they have websites built for them?


#1 Reason to Build a Website

I would say the #1 reason people build websites is to make money or help them make money. If the website itself is not making money directly, then most likely the purpose of the website is to market a product or service that makes money. Most small businesses usually have a website built to push traffic to their products and services. Think about restaurants that advertise their menu along with their phone number and address. They want you to visit their establishment and spend your money. Their website is created to drive customers to their place of business. They may show pictures of food or testimonials of other customers. The main goal to attract new customers.
A local company that offers landscaping and lawn services may build a website to market that service. They hope that after visiting the website, customers will contact them to schedule yard services.
In the music industry, bands create websites to show their fans where they are playing. They may sell music and merchandise at their band’s website.They get paid for performances as well as selling their music and stuff.  I have built a lot of websites for the beach music industry. If you have ever gone to a beach music festival or major event, then you have probably visited one of my beach music websites. I make money with websites by selling tickets and  beach music CDs. I also get paid when others pay me to build and market their website.


Big Companies have Websites

  • Amazon has a website to sell things online. They started with books and now have just about everything you can imagine for sale on their mega-website. You can go to their website and buy stuff. This makes jeff money. Jeff is the richest man in the world thanks to amazon.
  • Facebook has a website. Fb makes money on advertising, selling exposure to their members. You can join facebook for free and help mark make more money simply using his website. I think at the time of this post, mark is the 4th richest person in the world thanks to facebook.
  • Twitter has a website. It makes money on advertising, selling exposure to their twitterers. You can join twitter for free and help jack make more money by tweeting where you are, what you are doing, what you are eating or what you are thinking at the time. Jack is pretty rich too thanks to twitter.

If you become an influencer with a lot followers, connections, or friends on the 3 sites above, you may be approached with ways to make money using their services. Other big companies may offer to pay you to endorse their products or services. A lot of entertainers and sport superstars make money this way. Rarely does facebook or twitter pay you for using their website. Amazon, on the other hand, has a way for you to make money by sending customers to their site. If you get accepted into the program, you can make money as an affiliate and get paid commissions for sending people to their site to buy stuff. This has been the reason that thousands of people build websites. You will see review sites all over to the internet talking about products and services with links to amazon.

People Build Websites for Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking to make money from a website, but do not have a product or service to sell, you may want to consider affiliate marketing. Get paid selling other people’s stuff with a website. Companies like amazon made it big with affiliate marketing partners. I have been involved with affiliate marketing for over 10 years and can help you started.

Do you want a website to help you make money?

Let me know if you would like a website to hlpe you make money.Get training on how to build your own site or ask me to build one for you. Through my company Grand Strand Marketing Group, I can build a website to help you make money.