Buy Lottery Tickets

If you are like me, you may wait for the money to get big before you buy Lottery Tickets. As if, it is not worth your time or money to only WIN the 2 or 3 million dollar lotteries. The chances of winning the lottery payouts like MegaMillions or Powerball are always the same when you buy the same number of lottery tickets. As the pot gets bigger, more tickets are purchased and the chances of someone hitting grow higher. I have to say, “It is fun to think about what I could do with a hundred million dollars.”

What do you get for your time?

If you have a job earning an hourly or weekly salary, you are putting in the same time to earn the same money every week. Unless you get paid overtime, you never really see an increase in your pay. You probably do not put much effort in working harder or longer. If overtime is an option, you are probably willing to put some extra time in for some extra money.

Would you like to earn recurring revenue?

Investments earn recurring revenue. If you buy lottery tickets and win, then you can get recurring revenue if you take that option. If you sell a subscription to a company’s service, then you can get recurring commissions on when they pay. Selling insurance is a great example of recurring revenue where the amount of time spent pays off years in the future. If you own a company, hiring someone to do work on your behalf is a way to earn recurring revenue.

Some Affiliate Marketing Programs Pay for Life

If you have ever bought something from amazon or ebay, more than likely a person or company that you may or may not know got paid. Both companies have made fortunes using affiliate programs that pay affiliates to bring them customers. If you see an ad for Paper Towels, toilet paper, lysol products on a site like facebook or twitter, chances are a click to the site generates money for someone. It may require a purchase and you may not buy that day. The ad cost money and it could be worth a lot to them if you click to see the offer. The person that runs the ad, may not get paid on your purchase today, but they could get paid when you buy a TV from amazon days or weeks later.

Most affiliate sales are one time commission payments. Sometimes, the affiliate program pays you every time the customer purchases anything in the future. A program like this sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Webtalk is giving away $5000 this month.

Members of webtalk will share at least $5000 in July 2020. Are you willing to spend a little of your time to get a share of the $5000? You don’t have to spend any money. Just do what you are doing on facebook and twitter, but do it on webtalk. Webtalk is a social media website that shares its ad revenue with the members. You could buy lottery tickets and never win anything. Spend a little bit of time (not money) on another website beside facebook and twitter and earn money this month, next month and next year.

You can wait till it gets higher!

You can wait for the BIG POT! How much does webtalk give away before you get interested? Are you going to wait till it is $50,000, $1 Million or $50 Million? Join now, then you can be earning even more when the ad revenue increases to millions of dollars. Webtalk claims millions will be paid every month to its users. Be a webtalker and start earning from social media. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.