​Welcome to webguy updates for Bo the Webguy DOT COM! My domain was registered in 2007. People had been calling me Bo the Webguy for years before this registration. I am lucky that no one decided to grab my branded URL before I had a chance to snag it on the domain store. I moved this website a couple of months ago and just noticed a few pages that seemed to have disappeared with the transition. This post is for Google. It wasn’t on my site when I transitioned it last, but the url appears in the index, therefore I added it back to my list of update posts.


Moving WordPress Websites to Another Host

Moving a website from one host to another has gotten a lot easier than it was back when I first started using the software. You had to copy all the files and then create a database and user in the cpanel. Once all the files were verified, the connection was made by modifying the config file. It wasn’t difficult if you followed the steps exactly. I think the biggest problems occured in file transfer. Sketchy Internet connections could cause the ftp software I was using to fail making the process much more time consuming.

Much Easier Way to Move Websites Now

If you would like to learn some tools I use to move websites from one domain to another, join me at Wealthy Affiliate. Everything you need to have a great website, fast host and top support is available over at WA. If you need assistance, just ask the community. There are hundreds ( maybe thousands) of active members on the boards and and chat rooms that are happy to answer questions. Maybe you are a veteran when it comes to wordpress programming. I had a pretty good level of experience when I joined the site in 2012. I still learn things every time I log in that make my business better.

Blogs and Webguy Updates

I post at a lot of websites. You may find quite a few webguy websites browsing the World Wide Web. I have relaunched my brand a few times using different domains. While I am not part of the Air Force Academy group, I am still the Webguy. You will find my brand has involved with the Beach Music Community for nearly 20 years.  Its a big part of my day and I enjoy the bands, time with fans and friends, I have made supporting Carolina Beach Music.



That’s Not ME

Building better websites that work is my goal as an Internet Marketing Consultant, not entangling you in a spiderweb.