Webtalk Info

Are you looking for webtalk information from a website other than webtalk.co? The main URL is webtalk.co ( no ‘m’ on the end). If someone is talking about the site and gives you a referral code or name, be sure to visit the correct URL. Don’t get mislead by entering information at another website. The new social media site built on contact management is still relatively new, even though it has been around for several years.  You can join the site for free using an invite or link from a current member. Connect with someone you already know on the platform using their code or link they share with you.

What does Webtalk do?

The founders at webtalk have brought together features you might see at facebook, twitter, linkedin, and instagram. Many of these features have been combined into one social media platform. One of my biggest attractions to the site is the ability to separate professional and personal contacts. You can post content updates for your professional contacts and keep stuff private for your personal connections.  If your friends and family are not interested in your professional posts, they can choose to not see it on their feeds.

A major difference from this site and the others is ad revenue sharing. Use the site to post content, add likes, view and share other posts. If you find something useful, be sure to comment frequently. When you do this, you get a share of the ad revenue received by the company. There are a lot of places on the site that show you how this is done. If you login every day, you can see your personal points go up. These points will convert to cash rewards each month.

Look for Review

Find my my webtalk review. There are many people that have reviewed the service platform. Some are members already and offer a free invite on the same page you find the review. Some of the reviews you find will be limited information that has been posted simply to encourage you to click on something else and generate commissions or referral fees. If you haven’t joined, please use one of the links you find on my pages here at BotheWebguy. 

Do you have any questions for Me?

I would be happy to answer questions based on my experience with webtalk. Since first hearing about it in 2018, over 100 people have joined the site with my invitation. They share their invite link and bring even more people.  If you would like to check it out, please accept my invite by clicking the join button at the top of my Bo the Webguy profile page. Or, use the comment form below to ask me anything you want to know before joining.