I discovered today that there is No Official Wealthy Affiliate page on Facebook. There are a lot of pages and groups dedicated to promoting the membership site. Being a WA member since 2012, I have written a number of blog posts on my WA Page Profile. If you have followed any of my blog postings in the last 8 plus years, you have probably heard of Wealthy Affiliate University. The Term, affiliate, scares a lot of people. There is so much garbage on the web for sale using affiliate marketing as the only source of promotion.

Affiliate Marketing?

I can see why there is a hesitancy to start an affiliate marketing business. Imagine if you were one of the first affiliate marketers to work with amazon or ebay. They paid out millions and still pay millions of dollars in commissions every year. There is a lot of money out there being paid out as affiliate commissions. Do you want to learn how make money on the Internet? Please continue before you join as a premium member.

Wealthy Affiliate on Facebook

While searching on the web, I ran across an old post that ended up taking me to Facebook. A quick search for Wealthy Affiliate on fb shows many pages and groups dedicated to promoting the University system available at Wealthy Affiliate. Most of those pages will provide links that take you to the site for a free trial. There are no official wealthy affiliate pages on Facebook. This has been confirmed by several of WA Ambassador members that are very active on the site in Live chat and the forums.

Link Example: Try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE – This link will give you an opportunity to join the site and see what it is all about with no upfront cost.

Disclaimer: If you use that link above and decide to upgrade to a premium account, I will get an affiliate commission from WA. This does not cost you anything extra above your monthly or annual membership fees.

Why Upgrade to WA Premium?

Bo the WebguyYou can join WA, build a free WordPress website and go through the first training session without entering any form of payment. They really have a free account that provides a great deal of information about Affiliate Marketing. When you are ready to step up to a custom domain, you can upgrade. Build a new website or convert the free one you built in training.  Upgrading gives you hosting space for 25 custom domain websites if you need that many. Most members have 1 or 2 websites that they are building at any given time.

I upgraded my WA University membership in 2012. As a result of my time spent at WA, I have generated more than enough revenue to pay for my membership. I am still a member today and have no plans to cancel my Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Start a Website Business

If you want to get into the website business or simply learn to manage your business website yourself, WA provides the tools. I am using nearly all of my slots for custom websites. If you search around, you may find cheaper solutions to host websites. You will not find a better solution for a total package like Wealthy Affiliate University.

Want to get started? Join Me at Wealthy Affiliate and Build your First Website today!