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Facebook Pages and Google

The BUZZ is out with everything Google is doing with Twitter and Facebook. Its just been announced that Google will include status updates from Facebook Fan Pages in their real time search which already includes twitter posts. What does that mean to your business? If...

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Google forces Browser Upgrades

Thank you GOOGLE! I received notice this weekend that google is going to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6.0. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I have have had many discussions over the last year trying to explain why money should not be wasted trying to accommodate...

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Seminar Session at IBS

Seminar Session at IBS

I attended the 2010 International Builders Show last in Vegas. The Builder Show provides a lot of great seminars as well as networking events. It was a new experience this year in that I was going as myself, representing myself. In the past I have worked the trade...

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New Page on Facebook

Back in 2009, it took 100 fans to get a customer Username. I just reached 100 fans and was able to get my new address on Facebook. For my facebook friends and clients, find me at Thanks to everyone that helped me reach 100 fans in...

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