how does webtalk work

If you have been following along, you have probably seen a few posts from me about webtalk. Are you still asking the question, “How does webtalk work?”

Webtalk is a social media website built on a CRM platform. You can join the site, post content, share content with others, and interact with other members on the site. Use the site to promote a business, share photos with friends and family, or simply be entertained. If you join the site, then you will see many features you experience at other social media websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram.

Do you remember joining facebook?

Most facebook users receive an invite from friends or family via email. Accepting the invite and creating an account was very new to you at the time. I can’t remember who my first friend was on facebook, but I remember seeing it the first time and thought it was boring compared to myspace. I didn’t think it would beat out myspace as the top social media site but it won that battle. Facebook continues to face challengers. It should be no secret that most of fb’s money comes from advertisers. You may be aware they take in billions of dollars every year. That money pays the bills to run the service. The profits are split-up based on stock ownership.If you own stock, then you know how that works.

How does webtalk make money?

Webtalk sells advertising space simliar to the way facebook sells advertising space. As the webtalk userbase grows, companies will spend more money with webtalk to reach their audience. Webtalk has made the commitment to share half of this revenue with the users that helped them grow. I love this concept and look forward to seeing the site grow and the ad revenue grow. The shares are based on an activity point system that rewards the user for posting content, liking posts, commenting and sharing. Bringing more people to webtalk increases activity, and as a result it generates more points for the users. I think back to all my friends and connections on facebook and wish facebook was paying for that activity.

Membership Levels at Webtalk

Some sites like linkedin offer an upgraded version to their free membership. The upgrade includes features that are not available to free members. You are not required to upgrade, but may want to if the features are attractive to your business ventures. Webtalk offers a few different versions of membership. The free forever plan offers a lot of features, but its basic. The Pro and Pro Platinum upgrade gives access to additional features that could be very beneficial to your business. Spotlight posts are big and offer a great way to get the word out about something you are doing.



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