Thank you GOOGLE! I received notice this weekend that google is going to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6.0. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I have have had many discussions over the last year trying to explain why money should not be wasted trying to accommodate those that have not upgraded their browser from IE 6. Making sites backward compatible is a waste of time and resources. I myself use Firefox or Chrome. Occasionally I pop on to IE to see how a site looks and make sure it does not break. Trying to make it work in IE 6 has been frustrating at times. Google is forcing the upgrade by not even delivering some of their products to viewers that still use IE 6.0. Maybe that is enough to convince everyone to start upgrading.

Personally I suggest Firefox or Google Chrome…but if you must do IE…please upgrade to latest version. Make it easier on the web designers trying to deliver the latest technology and experience. You will be happier!

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