Are you on Facebook?

I am on facebook every day. My phone has the app and all my computers have pages bookmarked. Likes, Shares, Status Updates, and other facebook terms are part of my day… every day. I know people that are proud to say they are not on facebook. There are times when I look up from my computer, wishing I had my time spent there back, but I’m not sure what I would do different.

Facebook  is an important part of marketing my clients and ignoring it is not an option for me yet.

Are you using Facebook Marketing Techniques?

Facebook Statistics are pretty amazing. Over 2.3 billion active users and 50% of the users will log in just about every day. I have had great success using facebook to push music events that I help promote in the Carolinas. My Carolina Beach Music Group had over 4800 members back in 2010. Facebook didn’t like it and dropped it for no reason. I manage a lot of facebook pages and reaching audiences through facebook has proven successful.

Having all the connections set-up with facebook and other websites has been a key to getting the exposure for those events. Need help? Contact Bo the Webguy

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If you need to rent a vacation home or condo in North Myrtle Beach, please take a look at Grand Strand Vacations in Cherry Grove .That is the same location you will find Bo the Webguy, most afternoons working on facebook pages like the ones you see here along with a few websites supported by social media.

Beach Music Industry and Bo the Webguy

Bo hs been using facebook marketing techniques to promote beach music artists, venues and event. A huge number of facebook pages managed by Bo the Webguy are connected to the beach music industry. Look for some of your favorite artists and events below. Be sure to like and share their pages if you are a fan!