April Fool’s Day has always been a good time to see how much you can get away with before people realize its an April Fool’s joke. Bloggers seem to always run these crazy made up news stories because its expected. In some of my marketing and event promotions this past week, I have said over and over..”This is not a JOKE”. I think I have seen a lot of people use something similar.

Google always does something clever on April Fool’s Day. This year is kind of funny, but in past years they have had better prank news stories in my opinion. I wonder how many people actually fell for the Google Name Change to Topeka.

One of my favorite April Fool’s Joke blog posts was released by Get Clicky announcing the partnership connection between GetClicky and Foursquare. Tweeting and posting to foursqaure everytime with every website visit. I love their badges!