average time on facebook

Have you wondered what the average time on facebook is by US Adults? I researched this topic on google a few minutes and found a lot of different answers. Of course, some studies are 2 to 3 years old and could be quite different today. Several pages mention the number “38 minutes a day“. I know I spend more than that every day on facebook and other social media sites. I guess I am above average. There are times I wish I never discovered the site. For my friends that have stayed away, good for you! It would be very hard doing what I do without the tools provided by fb..

How do I spend my time on The FaceBook?

Much of my time is spent promoting clients, so I do have an excuse. For those that follow my pages and groups, I want you to know I appreciate your support a great deal. If you have followed me for number of years, you have probably seen me promoting real estate companies, vacation rentals, beach music bands, festivals, beach music events, local restaurants and retail stores. Digital Marketing has been a thing for me for over 22 years now. I didn’t jump on facebook immediately, but I have been on the site longer than most of my friends and clients. I set up a profile and added a page for the band “Jim Quick & Coastline” before Jim Quick even joined fb the first time. Over 24k coastline crazies are following the band on the site today. In addition to the page, there is a group for Coastline Crazies managed by my friend, Cathy.

More Profiles for Social Media

In addition to facebook, you may find me on instagram, linkedin, twitter, wealthy affiliate, youtube and probably a bunch I have forgot about. Thanks for all the follows, likes, shares, and comments. It would be discouraging  to post content that never reaches anyone. Some of the events we have posted on fb have reached nearly a million people in the last 3 years alone. Sometimes posts go viral when you least expect it.

Have you heard of Webtalk?

Webtalk is another social media site that launched a couple of years ago. The site is growing and I think it could be BIG. I know several of my friends have joined, but very few have become active on the site. That is okay. I know when you first join, it can become overwhelming with connections, follows, notifications and posts. I encourage you to check it out. Ignore the people you don’t know. Connect with friends and family that you do know. The site requires an invitation. It is FREE to join and there is no requirement to upgrade or spend any money on the site. Some people may decide to upgrade when they see all the benefits. Its totally cool to USE THE SITE FOR FREE FOREVER.

Rewards for Being a Member of Webtalk

Do you have a rewards credit card that pays you cashback or miles when you use the card? Maybe you have a loyalty card for restaurants that gives you free food and discounts. These companies are rewarding you for your loyalty. Like those programs, Webtalk pays users a reward. Earn Points for using the website and sharing it with others. Facebook makes millions of dollars advertising to you as you like, laugh, get entertained, share, rant, comment and find things to occupy your time. Unlike Facebook, Webtalk shares the advertising money back with you, the members of the website. They offer points for doing things that you are already doing at facebook and twitter. These points can be redeemed for cash rewards.

If you are not a member of webtalk, click on one of the buttons below and then use the blue JOIN button at the top of the page. You may get an email asking you to confirm. Please complete your profile and explore the site. Once you join, I will send you a message about a special promotion I am going to do next month. If you are a “friend” of Jim Quick & Coastline, you will definitely want to join before the end of the month. Stay Tuned!