paying with your time

Many website companies are very happy that you choose to use their website for free.  Did you know that you are paying with your time? You are paying them… maybe not money, but you are paying them with time. If they can get you to use their site for free, they know they will make money from the time you spend interacting with their site content.

How do they do make money on me?

You might wonder, how can sites like facebook and twitter make money on me if I don’t ever spend any money with their company? They can show ads and collect money from other companies even if you don’t click on them. They can collect data from your browsing activity and sell that data to other companies.  Facebook makes billions on providing a free service. Google has made billions providing free email and other services. These services aren’t free. They generate revenue from advertising whether you click on their ads or not. They make money off you by paying with your time.

Are Membership Site Upgrades worth it?

Some sites may charge a monthly or annual fee for premium services. You may wonder if its worth it. You may be asking why would anyone pay them to use their website. People join sites with membership fees for the same reason you may go out to dinner or go to the department store. People are willing to pay for a better experience, conveniece, higher quality items or services. I pay companies for website hosting fees and customer service. I pay membership upgrade fees to earn higher commissions on my referrals to  affiliate marketing training. I pay a lot of fees for services that may not make sense to the average person. It works for my business. Some of my projects can be found from the links on this link page 

Do you have an idea to make money with a website?

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